List of arts and vectors used on this site. Special thanks to all artists who made them, thank you!

Arts & Vectors:

Upswing by CITRUSKING46 (art on the left)
Reading Twilight Vector by Fluttershy7 (used in FAQ)
Good Morning Octavia by johnjoseco (used in Homepage)
Young Vinyl Scratch by KP-ShadowSquirrel (used in Homepage)
Twilight Sparkles so much by CountCarbon (used in Homepage)
Rarity and Dragon by MOE1(used in Donations)

1 - "SakuranoRuu (known for "moe" MLP humanizations)"

I really appreciate all of your work

If you're an artist or someone who knows the author of art/vector and you can't find credit here, let me know and I'll fix this.
I'm trying to ask for permission before I use any piece of someone's work, but It's not always easy to contact everyone or find author.
If you don't want your art to be used on my site, forgive me and let me know. I'll remove it asap.

Brohoof /)