Who is Violin Melody?


[Note: bio will be updated soon]

Violin Melody is an electronic musician who mostly love trance, house and electro...
but they also listens to other genres like rock or j-pop.

Violin creates remixes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (the most popular remix is "Violin Melody ft. Maud Pie - Rocks") but they is more focusing on original mixes than remixes.

Inspired by ponies, nature, life, emotions and feelings - Violin tries to bring you joy and happiness.

Their music is an experimental mixture of trance, house, electro and techno. Repetitive enough to introduce you to a state of trance which gives the listener a pleasant emotions - if you love techno and trance or house of course - otherwise you will be bored I think. 😉

Favourite Music Artists:

Robert Miles, Armin van Buuren, Sonic Mayhem (Quake 2 OST), Kai Rosenkranz (Gothic I & II OST)